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Our History

We learned this the hard way. After 15 years in business, we reached a plateau that could have easily taken us down. We had built our business the way so many do. When there was more work, we simply worked harder. We repeated hiring mistakes over and over again. Our systems for customer service were anything but robust, so work we promised fell through the cracks. We overcame these shortcomings by working harder, and the cycle repeated itself endlessly.

It was fortuitous, then, that Paul received a postcard from E-Myth Worldwide. This institute was formed based on the seminal work of Michael Gerber, and his book The E-Myth Revisited, why Small Businesses don't Work and What to do About it. The E, by the way, stands for Entrepreneurial. The response to this book was incredible, and business owners everywhere were asking for help in incorporating the philosophies and systems it outlined. E-Myth Worldwide was reaching out to CPAs to undergo coaching training, knowing that they had access to lots of small business owners with similar problems. The message resonated with Paul immediately, and he embarked on a 3 year training program. The results at The Strebel Planning Group were measurable, and our small business clients benefitted greatly from the coaching Paul provided. The response was so overwhelming that Leslie pursued her coaching certification shortly thereafter.

As the years went by, other financial advisors observed the changes that our firm and we personally, had undergone. “We want some of that!” they clamored. So in addition to consulting with existing small business clients at TSPG, we started working with advisors (If you are a financial advisor, click here). They liked the fact that we thoroughly understood their business model and daily challenges. It benefitted them when we shared solutions to perpetual problems that had been solved successfully by other advisors in our network. And they (as well as E-Myth Worldwide) asked Paul and Leslie about working with other small business owners around the country. Journalists started noticing as well, and multiple articles were written. This lead to speaking engagements at conferences across the country. What started as a locally based invention out of necessity evolved into the diverse and widespread coaching firm it is today, with the name Ultimate Results saying it all.

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