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Why You Need a Coach

Small business owners have a lot in common. They want to control their own destiny. They want to build equity in their firm so that they are sustained in retirement. They want to make a mark on the world and perceive that they have a better model for doing so than others in their industry. They are generally very good at their craft. Unfortunately, small business owners have some other characteristics in common which detract from their ability to realize their dreams.

Although they are usually good at the technical work of their business (the owner of the grooming salon is great at poodle clipping), they often don't have a good understanding of tracking and interpreting financial information. Or they may not appreciate the importance of visualizing , recording and tracking their goals. They may, as a result, make poor strategic decisions. Effective marketing campaigns may elude them, so that they spend unnecessary time and money on promotions that don't work. Oftentimes they are poor managers of others, so that the challenge of recruiting, training and retaining great employees drags the business (and the business owner) down. Perhaps they are adept at getting new clients, but keeping them is another story entirely. Business ownership can be a lonely endeavor, and not having an objective sounding board leaves entrepreneurs alone to make decisions that shape the course of their entire future.

This is where coaching comes in. A coach will walk you through the process of establishing your personal and professional goals, and create a means for tracking your progress toward their attainment. You and your coach will work together to evaluate your strategies for managing, marketing, and client fulfillment. The coach creates accountability, and the objective sounding board most business owners lack.

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