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Simplify the Complex

Your Life Beyond the Numbers

What's your life about? If you're like most of us, you never thought you'd be consumed with regularly organizing the details of your own personal network of professionals. But for many of us, that's exactly what's happened.

We see one professional for our taxes. Another for our insurance. A lawyer for our legal affairs. Maybe a bank rep, stock broker and mortgage professional.

The one thing each of these has in common is that they're consuming your most precious resource – your time. Have you ever thought about the amount of time it takes to file each of the papers you regularly receive from the various members of your professional network?

You may be at the center of this network but where can you turn for objective, unbiased advice to help put these important aspects of your life into perspective?

At The Strebel Planning Group, one of the nicest things we do for our clients is to help simplify their lives by better organizing it. For example, we can very easily consolidate each of your financial accounts on to one statement. We can also coordinate your financial plan with your tax planning and mortgage liability to give you the more efficient, long-term planning.

Through one of our secure portals you can consolidate your financial information in one easily accessed, secure location. You can also designate others to be able to access this portal, such as your adult children or allied professionals who may then assist you from remote locations.

The Strebel Planning Group has helped numerous individuals build effective and user-friendly ways of tracking cash flow to see the impact of various scenarios on their bottom line. We provide bookkeeping software and procedures to reduce time spent collecting information, thus reducing the costs and time associated with organizing various data.

We also help entrepreneurs formulate operating procedures to streamline their business, increase sales, reduce employee turnover, increase client retention and enable owners to reduce the time/energy they spend on their businesses, so they can pursue other things – like living a more productive personal life.

Would you like to organize your financial life and enjoy greater:

Accessibility: View your financial data and other important documents such as insurance policies through a single portal.

Collaboration: Easily integrate your existing network of professionals, i.e. accountant, insurance agent, attorney etc., to provide more efficient life management.

Record Keeping: Reduce the amount of paper for which you're responsible.

Security: Safely store documents, reports, etc., for selected individuals.

The one thing none of us has enough of is time. But by working with us, you can "simplify the complex," in your life and have more time to enjoy things you truly love.


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