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Working with a CPA

Why Should You Choose a CPA?
One advantage of working with our CPAs is that we speak your language. We live and work in your community and grapple with the same economic issues you do. Because we apply our skills in every day real-life situations, we are adept at untangling financial, as well as non-financial puzzles and illustrating the total picture with clarity and objectivity Whether you are struggling with questions about how to chart the future of a rapidly growing business or trying to ensure a grandchild’s education, our CPA’s can help you assess your options.

What Is a CPA?
A Certified Public Account (CPA) is distinguished from other accounting practitioners by strict licensing regulations. To receive a CPA designation, it's necessary to pass a rigorous two-day national exam and meet stringent experience requirements in addition to completing a five-year course of study in a college or university. To maintain our licenses, our CPAs pursue continuing professional education that keep us current with the latest business and related issues. When you work with one of our CPAs, you can be assured that he or she has mastered a significant body of knowledge.

CPAs are governed by a strict code of professional ethics that emphasizes their commitment to serve the public and protect the public interest. One of the most demanding found in any field, this code embodies the hallmarks of the accounting profession: competence, independence, objectivity and integrity.

As a CPA what services can you offer to me as a business and/or individual?
Our staff is highly skilled at anticipating and creating opportunities for our clients. After reviewing your personal situation, we may be able to help you lower your tax burden or take advantage of an overlooked business opportunity. Business owners and managers turn to us for help in creating strategic plans, updating technology systems and assessing new opportunities, as well as for auditing and accounting services. Individuals utilize our expertise for tax preparation, along with addressing personal finance issues such as retirement and estate planning and investment decisions in partnership with our in-house financial planners.

We want to be YOUR partner in success.
As your adviser we work as partners, offering valuable advice on all your financial needs. We have the up-to-the-minute skills and training needed to translate increasingly complex information into information critical to making informed decisions.

If you have worked with other CPAs in areas with which they are traditionally associated, such as tax and accounting services, it's time to find out more about how our highly dedicated associates can expand your financial horizons and help you make sense of a changing and complex world.


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