Your Life Beyond the Numbers

If you’re like us, chances are you spend a significant amount of time locating, interviewing, and collaborating with a range of professionals who help to navigate your personal needs. We see a variety of specialists to help with taxes, insurance, legal affairs, real estate, etc. What do these professionals have in common? Meeting with them consumes your most precious resource – time.

Have you considered the amount of time it takes to work with each professional agency? The scheduling, meetings, emails, paperwork, etc., all require resources.

What about the time it takes to get your professionals on the same page, so you’re sure the right hand knows what the left is doing?

At The Strebel Planning Group, we’ll help organize and simplify your life. Consolidating financial accounts onto one statement and coordinating your financial plan with your mortgage and tax strategies are two of the many ways we’ll save you time and ensure better long-term planning.  Additionally, our clients have access to a secure portal, keeping their information safe and in one place, and accessible to whomever they wish.

Our services are not only for individuals. We help entrepreneurs formulate operating procedures to streamline their business, increase sales, reduce employee turnover, increase client retention and enable owners to reduce the time/energy they spend on their businesses, so they can pursue other things like living a more productive personal life.

Organize your financial life and enjoy better:

Accessibility: View your financial data and other important documents such as insurance policies through a single portal.

Collaboration: Easily integrate your existing network of professionals, i.e. accountant, insurance agent, attorney etc., to provide more efficient life management.

Record Keeping: Reduce the amount of paper for which you’re responsible.

Security: Safely store documents, reports, etc., for selected individuals.

The one thing none of us has enough of is time. Let us help you “simplify the complex,” in your life, so you have more time to enjoy things you truly love.  Contact us today to request a meeting.

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