dedicated advocates of your dreams

We are a local, independent firm comprised of experienced professionals
specializing in a variety of financial services to ensure you, your family
and your business are financially protected. 

403(b) Management for Cornell Employees

As a Cornell employee, you’re benefits include an employer funded 403(b) account. While that’s a fantastic benefit, how do you know the allocation inside your fund matches your timetable, risk tolerance, and values? Our 403(b) management program allows our advisors to consistently monitor your 403(b) as it grows to be one of your largest assets.


We take the time to get to know you. Your lifestyle, family and business aspirations become the foundation of your financial plan, which guides you step-by-step toward achieving your goals. We see our role as a facilitator to help you grow, preserve and position your wealth in a way that is aligned with your core values and heartfelt goals. And yes, we’re fiduciaries.


The foundation of financial security is, for most, a solid insurance program. Our in-house expertise in life, disability and long-term care insurance provides needed protection so you can rest easy. Think your health or lifestyle makes insurance impossible? You’d be amazed at who qualifies for insurance these days. And we’re independent, so we have the freedom to find the best product for you.

Individual Tax & CPA Services

Our highly skilled CPAs and accounting staff offer a wide variety of tax-preparation and planning services. We work with our clients throughout the year to identify effective tax planning strategies for retirement, charitable giving, education funding, real estate transactions, and more. We continuously strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

Wealth Management

Rest easy knowing your investments reflect your time horizon, risk tolerance and values. We’ll determine the mix of features, benefits and costs that align with your portfolio objectives, and make necessary changes as you move through various life stages. Your success is our success, and we can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.

Business Tax & CPA Services

As Ithaca’s premier accounting and CPA firm, we love working with small to mid-sized businesses and not-for-profits of all types, across all industries. Our variety of a la carte services allow business owners to choose where and how we can help.  Our CPAs work one-on-one with our clients to identify objectives and opportunities, and create a customized approach to your unique accounting needs.

Outsourced CFO & Bookkeeping

Every hour spent agonizing over records, taxes, and payroll, costs money.  Let us simplify your bookkeeping system, or even work as your CFO. Our experienced bookkeepers will identify problem areas, organize your finances and make recommendations to streamline your operations, so you can focus on what really matters – the success of your business.


Robert Kiosaki


We’re proud to be Ithaca’s premier financial services firm. Independent, local and experienced, specializing in a comprehensive financial planning, investing, insurance, and CPA and accounting services for families and businesses. Our clients hire us to be dedicated advocates of their dreams, helping them build and navigate successful financial futures, together.

Our “Whole Person” Approach

To make strategic financial decisions, many areas of your life should be taken into account. By considering your needs, goals, dreams and opportunities, we’re able to create unique and comprehensive solutions that are best for you. Our variety of specialists work together to ensure no outcome is unaccounted for.

Working with Fiduciaries

Your needs, goals and dreams are highly unique to you. You should have many options, but only one or two that best fit you. So why do some financial planners offer solutions that are merely suitable, but not best? As independent advisors, we are committed to only recommending the most beneficial solution for you.

We Love Our Local Community

Ithaca is our home, and we’re dedicated to its continuous improvement and progress. We value helping those in need, and frequently participate in highway clean-up, volunteer work, and founded The Strebel Fund for Community Enrichment, which has donated over $175,000 to the Ithaca community since 2008.

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