Choosing an appropriate investment allocation, making adjustments, and staying the course are some of the most challenging but necessary aspects to achieving financial success. The variety of investments in your portfolio should change with your life-stage and subsequent priorities. Consistent monitoring and updating of these investments is important and can determine the likelihood of success. Interested in aligning your investments with your values? With your direction, we’ll avoid certain industries and companies by offering a wide variety of screened socially responsible investments.

Whether you need help managing a 401(k), 403b, college savings, retirement account, annuities or alternative investments (such as real estate), our management options are designed to fit all needs and comfort levels. By monitoring returns and making adjustments along the way, we’ll make sure your investments are appropriately positioned to best serve you. Most importantly, as fiduciaries we’re obligated to recommend only the best product at the best price for your specific to your unique needs.

Investment Services

Customized portfolio design and management is of our most sought after services. Whether you’re specifically looking for money management services, or prefer our ‘Whole-Person Approach’ – using your financial plan as a roadmap, you can be confident that as fiduciaries, we’ll gather all the information necessary to construct a customized portfolio that best meets your needs and goals.

Portfolios can be constructed with a wide variety of investments, most commonly a mix of mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), alternative investments, stocks, bonds, commodities and options. By designing your portfolio with a combination of various instruments, we find the right mix of features, benefits and costs that fully align with your objectives. Through various life stages, our investment experts will help determine the right mix of account types for you.

For many investors, holdings like mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs) represent their core investments due to their efficiencies and liquidity. Stocks, bonds and options contracts can be layered on for additional diversity and risk management.


Special contracts like annuities can be a helpful investment vehicle, as they offer an income one cannot outlive. Today’s annuities offer tremendous flexibility, varied investment options and protection against market decline. These products feature a guarantee against principle loss that many investors find compelling.  For additional piece of mind, our dynamic rebalancing service are available with certain annuity contracts.

Beneficiary IRAs

In addition to helping you choose and manage your investments, we can help administer more complex account types such as beneficiary IRAs. These are retirement accounts that have been passed on by a deceased relative or friend. Upon receiving these accounts, it’s important to know that very specific tax laws must be adhered to in order to maintain the tax deferred nature and take the appropriate distributions from these plans. Nearly all of our investment product options are available for investment in your beneficiary IRA and we’ll handle all transfer paperwork, distribution calculations and tax withholdings for you.

Alternative Investments

Lastly, alternative investments, funds that invest in hard assets such as real estate or entrepreneurship, may be used to further diversity and stabilize portfolio returns. In exchange for more stable returns, these investments are often illiquid for several years, so they’re not for everyone.

Employer Sponsored Plans and the Importance of Rebalancing

One of our most popular services is the rebalancing of employer sponsored retirement plans. Many of our clients have found their employer sponsored plan has grown substantially, but the allocation hasn’t been reviewed since the account was opened. Whether it’s a 401k, SEP, SIMPLE, or 403b, we will help you choose and maintain the optimal combination of investments to accomplish your goals.

Additionally, if you’re self-employed, or the employer of others, we can set up and maintain your employer sponsored plan. Employer sponsored plans are a great tax-advantaged way to attract and retain employees.

Our Cornell 403b rebalancing service takes reallocating your retirement plan to a new level. Cornell employees enjoy the unique, robust and exclusive service of 403b management with an assigned advisor that supports all day-to-day functions, including changes to the allocation, contributions and beneficiary designations. This relationship ensures the investments within your 403b are dynamically managed and regularly lock in gains to maximize your potential for success.

While we’re only able to offer this level of active management to Cornell employees, all of our financial planning clients benefit from our asset allocation expertise. Though we won’t be able to implement the specific changes for you, we will help you choose the appropriate allocation and adjust this as needed at each financial planning review.

ESG and Socially Responsible Investing

Incorporating your values into your investment portfolio has never been easier or more effective. Contrary to popular belief, sacrificing returns is not necessary. Our extensive array of socially responsible portfolios can both exclude objectionable companies, and include industries you wish to support while still enjoying competitive returns.

Socially responsible investments are not limited to, but often include green, or eco-investments. Green investment portfolios can be made up of companies that support renewable energy, environmentally friendly products and practices, and lead the world toward more sustainable alternatives.

Combining your financial strategy with investments that make you feel good is one of our specialties. We’ll help create your values based investment policy to ensure you’re dollars align with your principles.

Ultra-Affluent Services

Ultra-affluent families frequently contend with the issues of future estate tax liabilities, family financial stewardship, philanthropy and dynasty planning. our diverse team of professionals will help you navigate these highly complicated issues and ensure the creation of the most effective strategies, as well as the subsequent required maintenance as tax laws and circumstances change.


You need full disclosure when it comes to the fees you’ll be paying for financial planning and/or investment management services. Prior to any commitment, you should understand exactly what services to expect, and exactly how much those services will cost.

We are fee based advisors. Fee based advice is rightfully required in a fiduciary relationship, and puts your advisor on the same side of the table. Insisting on a fiduciary relationship is the most important criteria in choosing a financial planner or investment advisor, as they’re legally required to act only in your best interest.

Fee based advisors are incentivized to produce long-term positive results, rather than being largely compensated upfront. Our investment fees can be found on our Annual Disclosure Form Form ADV Part 2 (PDF) | Form ADV Part 3 (PDF). Please note that discounts are applied to bundled services, which are based on the combination of products and services that would be most valuable to you.

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