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Achieve financial independence Achieve Financial Independence through Independent Financial Planning

Almost nothing’s like it used to be including retirement. Neither is planning for it.

How we invest and plan for retirement has changed as well. Unlike our parents and grandparents who relied on a combination of job-sponsored pensions, Social Security and maybe some family support, today’s retirees and pre-retirees are facing a different future. Most of us can expect to live longer than previous generations. The real challenge lies with our ability to plan and achieve the kind of retirement we’ve dreamed about.

What about inflation? This is another enemy to your long-term purchasing power. Will today’s dollars be worth the same tomorrow? Look at the prices of gasoline, postage stamps and housing. Almost nothing costs what it used to. Is your present financial adviser helping you plan to fight the effects of inflation?

According to Ken Dychtwald PhD, author of best seller, Age Wave, those who enjoy retirement are not necessarily the ones with the most money. It’s those who’ve planned, very often with the help of an independent professional, who often live their dream. Being financially secure surely plays a key role in being able to enjoy retirement. However,      it’s the planning and goal-setting that often helps one become financially secure.

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Our country was built on the ideas of self-reliance and independence. This same spirit lives at The Strebel Planning Group. While you may be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety about how to fund your Golden Years, there has never been more products and services to help live a comfortable retirement. Wall Street scandals have made Americans seek financial-planning alternatives. Are you tired of gigantic financial institutions that treat you like a number? Are you tired of scandal-plagued firms robbing people of their financial security?

Are you concerned about the questionable health of our Social Security system?

If you believe in such ideals as financial self-reliance and financial independence, call The Strebel Planning Group for a no-obligation, confidential consultation about meeting your long-term financial goals. You should not settle for anything less.

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