Luna-Belle, Office Pup

Luna Belle was born in Tennessee in May of 2016. She and her litter-mates were rescued by some pretty wonderful people who helped her make it all the way to Rockaway Beach, NY. There, on a visit to her hometown, Leslie learned about this fabulous litter available for rescue from a friend. She was sad about the recent loss of 2 dogs and needed someone new to love. Les and Paul adopted Luna on the spot! She’s such a sweet girl that it became obvious that rather than sleeping all day by herself, she should start coming into the TSPG office. There, she has made many good friends and even gave a fearful client reason to trust dogs, again. She is very calm and lovable-a favorite of clients and her co-workers alike. Management refers to her as their “happiness generator”.

When not at work, Luna enjoys hanging around with her feline brother Charlie and looking for her next meal and walk. She loves to go on hikes and playdates with her other doggie friends.

Sleeping on the deck, eating, sleeping on the couch, treats, sleeping on my parent’s bed, belly rubs

Favorite Causes

Passion Projects
– Following my Mom around
– Eating

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