How We Differ

Folks tend to assume that all financial advisors and accountants are pretty much the same. We’ve had new clients come in and relay to us how dissatisfied they are with existing relationships, and feel that this is what they are going to get no matter where they are. Not true!

The Strebel Planning Group is different from other area providers in so many ways. Most important of all, we believe, is that we are locally owned and completely independent. This means that we don’t answer to a home office, don’t have sales quotas that result in our recommending products that are not quite right for you, and have the ability to create client fulfillment processes in response to client’s needs, not those of some bureaucrat who has no understanding of our community. We subscribe to a fiduciary standard not required or aspired to by the vast majority of firms out there.

From the beginning (1986), we’ve strived to offer one stop shopping. A place where your CPA and your financial advisor can consult one another to ensure the very best plan for you. Business owners seek us out as coaches who assist in coordinating the strategic with the pragmatic, resulting in a more productive, successful and pleasant entrepreneurial life. We don’t, however, require a client on one level to use us on the others. You get to pick and choose from our menu of services.

Our goal, of course, is to give you the highest level of service possible and to encourage you to utilize multiple services within our firm. It is our goal to have a smaller number of client relationships in order to go deeper with each one of them. This is truly a win-win for you and for our firm! The vast majority of new client relationships come from referrals from other “wowed” clients.

We are your neighbors and have been in business in Ithaca since 1992

Serving on boards, volunteering in the community and sponsoring many events, including our signature event, A Taste of the Nation. One percent of our revenue is donated to the Strebel Fund for Community Development each year. In 2005 we purchased and restored a classic Greek revival home in Varna, doubled the size of the building and continue to invest in improvements to the property. In other words, we are not going anywhere!

Our beautiful and welcoming environment is located just off campus, and offers ample parking and convenient hours. Our facility is operated with the needs of the environment high on our list. Both construction and maintenance are as green as possible, for your comfort and the health of the planet. For example, most in our industry produce an enormous amount of paper. At the Strebel Planning Group, you are given the option of receiving your documents in electronic format, and we store everything (securely, of course), in the same manner. We hope you will be a part of our ongoing success, to witness the upcoming refurbishment of our unique and historic octagonal barn.

Service is of great importance to us, because it is so important to you! Our systems are designed to provide a consistently pleasurable experience for you. Our extremely low employee turnover enables us to further enhance your service, as the names and faces become familiar to you and rarely change. We are proud to have become a premier employer in the region. As we grow, our new associates often come from the referral of existing employees. Our staff enjoys our living wage policies, paid volunteer time, flex time, work at home options, and a dedication to a working physical and emotional environment that makes for happy employees.

No matter what service you may be interested in, we are always happy to extend a free get acquainted meeting. Please call our offices at your convenience, and discover the difference for yourself.

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